The Leaders of Tomorrow Newsletter No.2
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Leaders of Tomorrow

2016 Newsletter Nº 2


29 Full Days of Action in February

Leaders of Tomorrow is a regional, independent, not for profit and non-governmental youth organisation. LOT was established in 2007 in Jordan. Leaders of Tomorrow creates a community of young leaders, who are educated, critical thinkers, initiative takers and capable of serving their community. 
قادة الغد هي مؤسسة إقليمية شبابية غير هادفة للربح وغير حكومية. تأسست في الأردن عام 2007. تسعى قادة الغد إلى بناء مجتمع من القادة الشباب المتعلم، النقدي، المبادر، والقادر على خدمة مجتمعه بإبداع.



Diwanieh Stands up to Sexual Harrasment

After not having had a lot of activities lately, this month was full of action for Team Diwanieh. During the first two weekends of February we held a training on the topic of a "Creative Community against Women Harrassment" in cooperation with Albalad Theater. We split up the four days of training into two days focusing on debate skills and speaking. An outcome of this event is a youth debate with our great participants over this topic at the beginning of March.
The next weekend we focused more on the following campaign. On one side, the emphasis was more on story telling in form of cartoons, and on the other side we took a look at the issue of sexual harrassment in Jordan itself. We were also honored to have the cartoonist Omar Al Abdallat and the lawyer and human rights activist Asma Khader as trainers.
On the last day the trainees came up with ideas for the campaign they wanted to start and discussed it with journalist and social media expert Dina Baslan.
Every single one of our crew and the 20 participants enjoyed the training a lot and we all learned some interesting facts and important skills.
We are looking forward to doing as well as we already did with our new "Wba3dein?" campaign.
Here are some snapshots from our training session in Albalad Theater:
During the training we played some fun games to build up trust, teamworking skills and more.


The logo of the campaign refers to a flipped ribbon.
During our training at the beginning of February, our "Creative Community against Women Harrasment" came up with a very interesting camapign against sexual harrasment of women. Its called 'Wba3dein?" which refers to the question many young women ask themselves: "How long is this going to happen?". One highlight of the campaign was a youth debate with an art exhibition

"Foreign Investment has not Served the Jordanian Economy"

It has been a long time since Diwanieh hosted a debate. Nevertheless, we came back with our full strength and hosted a debate on the topic of "Foreign Investment has Not Served the Jordanian Economy". We were honored to have Senator Taher Kanaan in favor of the motion and Senator Mohammad Al-Halaiqa debating against the motion.
Before we started the debate we asked the audience of their opinion on the motion and 25% were against it. 56% abstained from the voting and only 19% where in favor of the motion. One of the most outstanding and interesting statements during the debate was Al-Halaiqa saying: " Foreign Investment provided 32% of the current job opportunities in Jordan.". Nevertheless, Kanaan provided the audience with a lot of very interesting data on the topic, stating quite the opposite of what Al-Halaiqa was saying.
In the end, Al-Halaiqa was the one who convinced the audience more that foreign Investment indeed served the Jordanian economy. With 33% on Al-Halaiqa's side and 25% on Kanaan's side the result was very tight in the end. 42% of the 120 attendees abstained from the final voting.
For those who were not able to attend the event we provided a live broadcast on the internet performed by our partner Aramram.



Team FOR9A Welcomes a New Teammember

Maram Al-Nabali
is a bachelors degree graduate in TV&Radio, Mass Communication and in French (minor) from Yarmouk University in Irbid. During her studies she did a lot of volunteer work with many organisations such as AIESEC. She has also gained a lot of experience from her previous jobs in the fields of communication, content writing and working as a part of an "innovation team". Maram believes in the impact of written words and storytelling and therefore loves to listen to people and their own stories.
Because of her academic background she not only loves to watch movies but she also analyzes them when she watches them. A fact about her is that she likes diving and hiking.
She is fascinated with being a part of a platform that provides equal educational opportunities for everyone. At For9a she is going to work as a content writer and social media specialist.
Abdallah Maher
joined team For9a as a graphic designer right after he finished his diplome in multemedia from the ASI Institute. Abdallah joined For9a was because he loves For9a's mission. Abdallah is already quite experienced with social work as he has volunteered with differend organisations tackling the issue of students empowerment.
is a BA student in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and Politics at Brandeis Inversity in Massachusetts and has volunteered with Amnesty International for the last three years. As part of his study abroad program Zachary will work with For9a till end of April.

For9a's Road Trip

For the first time in 2016, team For9a went to Al Tafilah to give a training session. We decided to make two seperate sessions due to the large number of participants (80 in total). The training was about CV-writing skills and the trainees liked it a lot since many of them are about to graduate and apply for jobs soon.


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