The Leaders of Tomorrow Newsletter No.1
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Leaders of Tomorrow

2016 Newsletter Nº 1


New Year, New Luck!

Leaders of Tomorrow is a regional, independent, not for profit and non-governmental youth organisation. LOT was established in 2007 in Jordan. Leaders of Tomorrow creates a community of young leaders, who are educated, critical thinkers, initiative takers and capable of serving their community. 
قادة الغد هي مؤسسة إقليمية شبابية غير هادفة للربح وغير حكومية. تأسست في الأردن عام 2007. تسعى قادة الغد إلى بناء مجتمع من القادة الشباب المتعلم، النقدي، المبادر، والقادر على خدمة مجتمعه بإبداع.


Leaders of

20 Young Journalists and One Big Training

On 29th and 30th of this month we held the second training session on the topic of "Developement of media work skills of the journalists and activists in Jordan" - this time in Irbid. It was a great experience for the team to see how engaged and interested the youth throughout all of Jordan are. Just as in Amman, we had a lot of fun together during the two days of the training. The trainees learned essential skills for journalists such as media skills, the art of narration and interviewing, dealing with sensetive topics and designing infographics.


تدريب تنمية مهارات العمل الإعلامي
عقد في مكتب قادة الغد بتاريخ 4 و 5 كانون أول 2015 تدريب تنمية مهارات العمل الإعلامي للإعلاميين والناشطين من الاردن بدعم من السفارة الامريكية في عمان وشارك فيه 20 من الإعلاميين والإعلاميات الشباب حيث قام نخبة من الخبراء الإعلاميين المحليين والدوليين بتبادل خبراتهم مع المتدربين وتضمن التدريب العديد من المهارات الإعلامية منها فن السرد، المقابلات الصحفية، التعامل مع المواضيع الحساسة، تصميم وإعداد انفوجرافيك وغيرها من المهارات الهامة في العمل الإعلامي المهني.
Here are some snapshots from our training session in Irbid:
Media Trainer Dina and Ted, talking about covering stories in conflict zones.

New Year, New Luck!

Although last year was quite a successful year for Leaders of Tomorrow, some of our family members thought of some new goals to achieve in 2016. We hope that this year will be just as successful as last year, maybe even more...
Check out our new year's resolutions:



Team FOR9A Welcomes a New Member!

Eva Hochreuther
is an intern who joined FOR9A, to work on creating educational resources and opportunities content. She is a Bachelors degree graduate in Middle Eastern Studies with a focus on politics at the University of Marburg in Germany. Eva lived in Cairo for eight months where she worked as an english teacher for an NGO.  She also did research for her bachelor thesis with the topic of "Usage of sexualized violence by the Egyptian government". She hopes that she will learn even more Arabic culture and language but also more about Jordan itself during her internship.
Eva likes the idea of reaching out to people on social media and providing educational opportunities through FOR9A.


Looking Back on a Great Year!

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