The Leaders of Tomorrow Newsletter No.3
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Leaders of Tomorrow

2016 Newsletter Nº 3


It's all about Diwanieh

Leaders of Tomorrow is a regional, independent, not for profit and non-governmental youth organisation. LOT was established in 2007 in Jordan. Leaders of Tomorrow creates a community of young leaders, who are educated, critical thinkers, initiative takers and capable of serving their community. 
قادة الغد هي مؤسسة إقليمية شبابية غير هادفة للربح وغير حكومية. تأسست في الأردن عام 2007. تسعى قادة الغد إلى بناء مجتمع من القادة الشباب المتعلم، النقدي، المبادر، والقادر على خدمة مجتمعه بإبداع.



We Say "Wba3dein?" to Harrassment

During our "Wba3dein?" campaign against sexual harrassment we reached out to people in Jordan and asked them why they don't harrass people on the streets. Here is what their responces were.
On  the occasion of International Women's Day, Diwanieh organized a youth debate on the topic of sexual harrassment. It took place on Saturday, March 5 in the Albalad Theater. The motion was: "Harrassment is a product of the law, not the community".
During the event there was also an exhibiton of art pieces that where all created based on the topic of sexual harrassment. In the end, Mrs. Asma Khader talked about the legal situation of harassment and the audience got the cance to ask her questions.
Here are some snapshots from our Wba3dein? campaign:
Mrs. Asma Khader talking about the legal situation of harrasment.

"Is there Place for Young People in the Labor Market?"

See what Dr. Sami Hourani has to say about the labor market in Jordan.
Diwanieh number 22 was held at the Haya Cultural Centre in Amman on Wednesday 30/03/16. The motion of the debate was "Is there place for young people in the labor market?". More than 150 people attended the debate. A group of 25 students even came from al-Tafilah. We want to thank the two debators Dr. Omar Razaz who debated against the motion and Ms. Jumana Ghneimat who was in favor of the motion. We were honored to host two great debaters..
Here are some snapshots from our Diwanieh debate:
The audience listening to the debate about the Jordan labor market.




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