The Leaders of Tomorrow Newsletter No.5
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Leaders of Tomorrow

2016 Newsletter Nº 5


It's time for FADFED!

Leaders of Tomorrow is a regional, independent, not for profit and non-governmental youth organisation. LOT was established in 2007 in Jordan. Leaders of Tomorrow creates a community of young leaders, who are educated, critical thinkers, initiative takers and capable of serving their community. 
قادة الغد هي مؤسسة إقليمية شبابية غير هادفة للربح وغير حكومية. تأسست في الأردن عام 2007. تسعى قادة الغد إلى بناء مجتمع من القادة الشباب المتعلم، النقدي، المبادر، والقادر على خدمة مجتمعه بإبداع.



MO7AKA Tackles the Issue of Oprhans in Jordan

MO7AKA is a Leaders of Tomorrow initiative involving special training workshops where young people are exposed to a variety of role-play exercises closely related to sensitive human rights issues. These issues may include gender rights, cultural taboos and other social matters.
This time MO7AKA covered the issue of orphans in Jordan in cooperation with the Information and Research Center at the King Hussein Foundation.
A total of 25 young changemakers participated. Almost half of the participants work as caregivers at orphanages or at the Ministry of Social developement. MO7AKA gave them the opportunity to have an eye-opening experience, while being isolated from electricity and internet (in the middle of the Dana Nature Reserve). The program utilizes different methods like discussions and role-plays
Here are some snapshots from our MO7AKA event:



3 FADFED Events in 3 Different Governorates

We already had two events in collaboration with the Research and Information Center from the King Hussein Foundation in April. The focus of this project is helping orphans in Jordan become more accepted in society. The Fadfed is linked to a play called "Born to be". This month we finished the project along with another three very successful events. The events were held in Malka (Irbid), the Sports City (Amman) and the German Jordanian University (Madaba)
Here are some snapshots from our Fadfed events:



For9a is Getting Active Again

There is a lot of news from team For9a. In May For9a participated at many events including the Jabal Amman Cultural Week, the Carreer Day at the Petra University and the Ladies of Nazareth school. Even more, For9a was elected to take part at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 in Silicon Valley. Every year thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world take part in the summit where they get the chance to take part at international workshops, panels, mentoring, and networking session 


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